I. About Daewoo Bus VietNam

VIDABUS is a member of Korea's Daewoo Global Automotive Corporation with more than 60 years of experience (founded in 1955) 
in the design, research and development of passenger cars of all kinds: Buses, long-distance passenger cars (inter-provincial) passenger
cars, bed bunkers and BRTs with various types of fuel used by each other such as: diesel fuel, compressed natural gas (CNG) , diesel fuel
+ Electricity (Hybrid) and Pure electricity.


Established in October 2005, after two years of building the factory, VIDABUS began producing passenger cars in July 2007 meet the diverse
 needs of domestic passenger cars.


In Vietnam, Daewoo passenger cars are manufactured and assembled from KD components (car bodies, left and right bodywork, front + rear 
bumpers) imported on modern technological lines. , with the strict management and supervision of senior engineers in Korea and Vietnam. 
All the details, components and passenger cars that meet the global standards of Daewoo Guest Automotive Corporation.


With a team of highly qualified engineers from Korea and Vietnam, VIDABUS can design and manufacture passenger cars according to your 
specific requirements. Highlights of the Daewoo passenger cars are: durability, durability, fuel economy and very little malfunction.

All Daewoo passenger cars are warranted for one year or 100,000 km depending on whichever comes first.


Due to the outstanding characteristics mentioned above, there are many Vietnamese customers trust and believe in Daewoo passenger car.
Some big customers of VIDABUS are Transerco, Kumho Samco, Kumho Lotte, Kumho Viet Thanh, Satco, Newways, Bus companies: 
Thang Long, North Ha, Dong Anh, Bao Yen, Hanoi Electric Vehicle Enterprise, etc.

II.  Vision and objectives of Daewoo Bus Vietnam


  • Become the most efficient core business unit in the global DAEWOOBUS system.


  • Become the most competitive bus manufacturer


  • Bring great benefits to Vietnamese customers


 III. Main products of Daewoo Bus Vietnam.


  • The city bus BS090 and BH115 bus officially launched in July 2007


  • Passenger car FX120 officially launched in September 2010


  • The cheap passenger car GDW6117 has two engines, the Doosan engine and the Yuchai engine, which will be available to the public
    in 2013.


  • City bus BC095 was launched in 02/2016 this is Daewoo's main products in the city bus segment and is trusted by the Hanoi General 
    Department of Transport.


  • Passenger car bed BX212 also launched in 2016, 10 months after the official launch of the city bus BC095


  • By September, 1977, Daewoo Bus Vietnam officially launches the new Euro 4 engine, the BC095, which marks an important turning
     point in this period for the environmental protection of buses. 


  • In the beginning of 2018, Daewoo Bus Vietnam also launched the Euro 4 engines: GDW6117, BH116 and GDW6901.





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