Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) is an automobile Joint Venture founded on September, 1995. The total initial investment capital was 89.6 million USD, from Toyota Motor Corporation (70%), Vietnam Engine & Agriculture Machinery Corporation - VEAM (20%) and KUO Singapore Pte.Ltd (10%).
Was one of the first auto joint ventures in Vietnam, TMV always makes efforts to maintain the sustainable development and be “Moving Forward” together with Vietnam. TMV has been increasingly provided high quality products and perfect customer services to bring the highest satisfaction to our customers as well as practically to contribute to the development of Vietnam automobile industry. Together with company development, TMV always contributes to Vietnam society in various areas through actual & sustainable activities.
Continuously widening and developing
TMV has increasingly developed both in sales, production scale, with 35 dealers/dealer’s branches nationwide. Until now, with the leading position in Vietnam automobile market, the accumulated sales of TMV has reached more than 250,000 units, with top of rank models. At this time, the average production output has reached over 30,000 units per year. From 11 employees in the initial days of foundation, the current number of employees of TMV has reached over 1,700 and more than 3,800 employees working in its dealers and dealer’s branches nationwide.
Trying to increase the localization & export
Thanks to the opening of the Stamping (since 2004) & Chasis workshops (since 2008), as well as ongoing efforts seeking more and more domestic suppliers, TMV is the automobile maker having the highest localization rate (depending on model) in Vietnam. In addition, TMV is continueing do researches to produce more kinds of parts. Up to now, the total number of localized parts of TMV for all vehicles up to 253 details, which are provided by 18 domestic suppliers. Besides, TMV has established a localization center at plant, with a view to looking for more local suppliers in increasing the localization rate for our products and contributing partly for Vietnam automobile industry.  
Not only focusing on assembly for domestic demand, from July 2004, with the introduction of the first parts export center in Vietnam, TMV has opened a new era for Vietnam automotive industry. Each year, the total export value of auto parts averages over 25 million USD, including products as antennas, air conditioning exhaust valve and the accelerator pedal. They have been exported to 13 regions in 10 countries around the world. Up to now, the accumulated export value of TMV’s parts has reached 225 million USD.
Directing environment protection
Right from the first establishment, TMV always try to minimize harm to the environment not only by researches, application and technology investments in environmentally friendly at plant, but also standardize production processes. TMV is the first auto maker in VN granted with the ISO 14001 certification on Environmental Management System (from September 1999). Besides, TMV has supportedour suppliers and dealers to implement the "green circle" together, enclosing from production to assembly, sales and service to customers, providing our dealers ; also teachnical and financial support to extend the application of environmental management system under ISO 14001…
Retaining CSR activities
Along with business and production goals, TMV always shows high responsibility to the community, for a sustainable development in Vietnamy through a lot of meaningful social contributions in diversified fields and highly appreciated programs, such as the Environment protection Program Go Green with a lot of environment activities getting proactive respond from the society, especially from the youth ; or Toyota Scholarship; Toyota and I learn traffic safety (TSEP), Vietnam Robot Contest (Robocon), Toyota Concert Tour (VNSO), Toyota Classics, Toyota National Student Volleyball Tournament…
Having set the target for « sustainable development » in Vietnam, TMV and all employees has been showing their utmost effort to moving forward with Vietnam to a bright future. Our sucesses have been recognized with a lot of prizes and awards from Vietnam Government and also from other international organizations. With the continuous efforts contributed to the automotive industry and society in Vietnam, together with our achievements, TMV has been awarded the 3rd class Labour Medal and is regarded as one of the most successful FDI enterprises in Vietnam.

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